Auto Hide Online Abuse

Artificial intelligence that automatically detects and removes toxic content from your Twitter feed.

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Keep Your Twitter Feed Healthy

Our platform allows you to automatically filter negative and abusive messages from your feed so everyone can feel safe and comfortable on Twitter.


Highly Accurate

Our machine learning model is trained on hundreds of thousands of toxic comments



Automatically detect new replies and hide toxic ones based on your preferences



Train on your own data and language using's powerful technology

End Cyberbullying

  • More than one-third of social media users between the ages of 12 and 17 have been targets of cyberbullying - and most of them are subjected to repeat attacks.
  • Don’t feed the Trolls! Address online harassment without stooping to their level by anonymously and automatically hiding cyberbullies from appearing in your feed.

Solutions for Your Social Community

Top influencers see thousands of offensive, threatening, degrading, and harassing comments every day. Protect yourself and your followers from attacks, threats, and online abusers while fighting to keep hate speech out of thought leadership.

Protect Your Brand

Focus on what matters and let us handle the noise! we will take care of all bad and toxic replies while you keep focusing your brand and identity.

  • On average, customers need 12 positive experiences to make up for the damage done by 1 negative interaction, and unaddressed complaints on social media make 88% of customers less likely to use your product.
  • Our platform allows enterprises to filter inbound messages and respond to negative feedback on their time

Built on Baseet's powerful technology

We've built to enable using our state of the art AI technology and platform to give you limitless control over the behaviour of the AI model that works behind the scene.

  • Customize our AI model.
  • Train it on new data that is relevant to you.
  • Build on top of twitter APIs.
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Training data



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